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Mega Association of Darters is the 3rd and final name of a well established group of dart players based in Rhode Island. M.A.D. started as Little Rhody Darters Club (LRDC) back in 2001 was reorganized in 2007 as Rhode Island Dart Association (RIDA) and finally renamed Mega Association of Darters in 2012 as the final product of our dart league. The name and logo of the Mega family who are the main recruiting force for this league brings pride, tradition, great fundamentals to this league. Not only do we promote great sportmanship but encourage and coach new players while maintaining a high competitiness but always maintaining a fun and friendly atmosphere.


We encourage any new team in the Rhode Island, Attleboro, MA, Seekonk, MA to join the league. Feel free to contact the logistics coodinator at the info for more details